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Tsunami and Me

Tsunami and Me
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Saturday, December 5, 2015

MIM: Music, Music, Music

Put another nickle in, in the nickleodeon...

Those of us who grew up in the 1950s remember Teresa Brewer's infectious version of "Music, Music, Music," which extolled the nickleodeon. I'm betting that few of us had ever seen one. I never had until last weekend. What a treat to the ear to hear this one in actual action!

Tree features instruments, too.
At the world's only global musical instrument museum, MIM, opened in 2010, music lovers can "see, hear, and feel the vibes of instruments played by musical icons including Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley®, Pablo Casals, John Lennon, “King” Sunny Adé, Taylor Swift, and many others from around the world." So Thanksgiving weekend, we dropped by while I visited family in Casa Grande, AZ.

I spent a long morning wandering through the well-designed galleries of this compendium of instruments and tributes to those who play them. Granddaughter Kendra even got to play the grand piano in the lobby, since all music students are invited to try that magnificent Steinway keyboard.
Here's Johnny...Cash, that is.

The costumes and instruments of Native Americans vary from tribe to tribe.
The Family Wilson in action.

In addition to the Artist Gallery, featuring those virtuosos listed above, I had time to explore the galleries devoted to North America and Europe. We also spent time in the Mechanical Music Gallery and the Experience Library, where I tried out a series of drums, gongs and bells.  If I'd had several more hours and a lot more stamina, I'd have visited the rooms displaying the instruments of other nations. These are the major upstairs exhibits:

Mother and Child Reunion
  • The Africa and Middle East Gallery, which displays instruments and artifacts from sub-Saharan, North African, and Middle Eastern nations.
  • The Asia and Oceania Gallery, which features instruments from countries and island groups in five sub-galleries devoted to regions of East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Oceania, and Central Asia and the Caucasus.
  • The Europe Gallery, where guests encounter instruments ranging from an antique charter horn and a foot-operated drum kit to a child’s vessel flute.
  • The Latin America Gallery , which features instruments and ensembles displayed in three sub-galleries: South America; Central America and Mexico; and the Caribbean.

  • The United States/Canada Gallery, where guests can observe the diverse array of instruments that shaped the North American musical landscape, including the Appalachian dulcimer, sousaphone, ukulele, and electric guitar. Special exhibits focus on iconic American musical-instrument manufacturers like Martin and Steinway.
If you've got a long winter's weekend coming up, there's plenty to do in Phoenix...but be sure to take in this stellar attraction. Here's a link to help you plan your trip:

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