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Tsunami and Me

Tsunami and Me
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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Love, Joy and Unicorns at Laguna's Winter Fantasy

Joy to the World
For twenty-five years the Laguna Beach Sawdust Art Festival artists and staff have staged a holiday arts and crafts festival in a three-acre eucalyptus grove. I've longed to go, but have always been elsewhere. 

Yesterday I went, feeling particularly festive in my heavy fleece "Joy" tunic, especially when The Pawnshop Kings at the Tavern broke into a rousing version of "Joy to the World." I couldn't quit tapping my toe and smiling as if my joy would burst right through my shirt. It was that kind of sunny but chilly morning.

I intended to buy something, not just browse. I wanted to support local artists, even though I've finished my Christmas shopping. Though my nagging conscience kept nattering that I'd already spent enough money this month on holiday gifts, I shushed it, and decided it was only fair to find something for myself. There's not much room left on the walls of my tiny apartment, so I sadly had to tell myself  "no" to some of the framed paintings that caught my eye. I wish I could find a place for this piece of art, fabric letters spelling out "Love." What a great message this would be to wake up to each morning.
Dr. Neon's radiant butterflies
Dr. Neon's shop ended my quest. I was drawn inside when I spied the dragonflies and butterflies catching the midday sunlight. What wares he had on display...knives and daggers, horses, toy soldiers, dragons and more dragons...and finally, on one side shelf I saw the unicorns. I already own over two dozen of the creatures, plus half a dozen paintings featuring the mythical beasts. I also wear a gold unicorn on a chain, which Doc Neon noticed when I told him I hadn't treated myself to a unicorn for some time.

New addition to the menagerie
"I treat myself to them, whenever the mood strikes me," he replied. "I even have unicorn tattoos, and make myself one whenever I'm so inclined." A kindred spirit indeed. I'm happy that I treated myself to another unicorn, and that I have it to remember what a glorious morning in Laguna Beach it had been yesterday. I'm still filled with joy.

Here's The Pawnshop Kings rocking "Joy."

And here's an interview with Dr. Neon, who bills himself as a "creator of light, feminist, miniaturist, bon vivant, epicurean, alchemist, innovator, anti-fascist, futurist, fabricator of dreams, actor, comedian, poet, mold maker, blacksmith, renowned car/bike builder...and teller of tall but true tales!" It's worth your while to visit him in his lab, as I did via You Tube this morning:

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