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Tsunami and Me

Tsunami and Me
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Basket Case

Billed as a new anthology for a new century, the Not Your Mother's Book series took off last fall with a BANG...three books in three months: On Being a Woman, On Being a Stupid Kid and On Dogs. The fourth in the series, On Travel, is scheduled for release in late March. As co-creator, I can't wait...but, of course, I have to.

I wish I could give you a preview of its contents, and I will as soon as publisher Dahlynn McKowen makes the final decisions on the stories and their sequence. In the meantime, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for everybody who is waiting for final word. Believe me, I am waiting,  too!
I've seen Facebook posts from contributors who complain that the wait to hear whether or not a submission has been accepted or not is agonizing. Yes...sometimes we wait a year or two to learn whether one of our essays, poems or stories will actually be published. Rejections and acceptances sometimes seem to come in waves...and we're all familiar with those long intervals where we hear absolutely nothing.

The current January issue of The Wow Principles newsletter details why it can take a year or even longer to produce an anthology. In March the newsletter will carry a piece that I've been mulling over for a to manage such delays and disappointments in the "hurry up and submit and then wait, wait, wait" process of writing for anthologies. I've tentatively titled it "A Basket Case."

You can subscribe to The Wow Principles Newsletter by clicking on the link below. Additionally, you can browse the archives of six years of back issues, chock full of tips for seasoned writers and newbies alike.

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