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Tsunami and Me

Tsunami and Me
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Sunday, October 16, 2016

HW's Got Talent!

"Boating Beauties" prepare for the show.

With Lynn Schell-Milot
 When I first moved to HW Senior Living in Westminster two years ago, I counted my blessings. I'd been trudging upstairs and down, taking care of a huge house, three and a half acres of pastures and lawns, five household pets, and for many years, an ailing husband. Plus I was surrounded by "stuff."
Amazing Grays Sue Burchfiel
When I'd been diagnosed with spinal stenosis and disintegrating disk disease, I worried about my continuing mobility. How long would I be able to negotiate stairs or weed the Asian lilies? I've written before about my desire to return to Southern California. I needed to trade five months of snow and ice for sunny beaches. I needed to hang out with old friends and reminisce. I hoped to have Mother's Day brunch with my son. Though I'd miss my old Colville book groups and AAUW companions, I knew it was time to move on.
So I came home to the Southland, resigned to a quiet old age. Maybe I'd join a new book group. Maybe I'd reconnect with the local Returned Peace Corps Volunteer group. Maybe there'd be a local branch of AAUW. I did all of that...and more.
I began to go to the Amazing Grays yoga and aerobics classes five days a week right here at HW Senior living, and my sciatica symptoms diminished. And I made new friends and began to have new adventures.
Corinne Zavolta emcees.

Last night at HW I participated in the annual talent show. I had the opportunity not only to read one of my published stories, but also for the first time since my high school days, to perform in a choreographed routine!
Our fitness instructor, Sue Burchfiel, lead our yoga group in the opening skit, "Row, Row, Row," to the old Eddie Cantor song.
Jerry and Darlene Steddum played lovebirds.

 Jerry and Darlene Steddum played the parts of Johnny and Flo, as our yoga group vigorously rowed, swayed and wiggled.
The evening's agenda included readings of original poetry and memoir, duets and solos, comedy and even a rousing percussion number. Kathy Hurley, our recreation director, provided refreshments following the show. Many of us lingered by the pool afterwards for an hour or so, beneath a Harvest Moon, basking in the beauty of a balmy Southern California autumn evening. New friends. New adventures. But stay tuned. In two weeks we'll be having a Halloween dance. I've already put together my costume!
L to R, Darlene Steddum, Valerie Ellison and  Corinne Zavolta

George Burchfiel, Musical Production

Mark Lumas, "Jingo"

Corinne closes with "Personality."


  1. The move back has been the best thing ever for you! I'm thrilled for you.

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