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Tsunami and Me

Tsunami and Me
too big to escape now....

Friday, February 21, 2014

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

Natty and Tsunami, April 2013
This has been a sad week for me, since Tsunami crossed the Rainbow Bridge last Wednesday. Natty gallantly holds forth as an only dog now, but the three cats continually remind me that we're not alone...hopping on the computer desk at the most inopportune times.

Whenever loved ones die, which doesn't seem infrequent these days, I find myself distracted by memories...and I find myself dreaming of them when they were much younger and our friendship had just begun. So it is with Tsunami, when Ken used to call her The Great Who-Nami. I memorialized those moments a couple of years ago...and here's her story on Pawprints on My Heart, including my favorite photo of her as a puppy.

There's another story on my mind, as well. And that one involves my son, Steve, who celebrates his birthday tomorrow. I've been remembering what this day was like for me 56 years ago...culminating in a midnight trek to St. Mary's Hospital in Long Beach, CA. Steve and his wife, Mari Lou, were here for Tsunami's 5th birthday party in 2007. I haven't seen my son on his own birthday in decades, though, since we've lived so far apart, often thousands of miles while I worked overseas for a decade. But I'd written at the beginning of this year that I'm California-bound...if I can sell this house and get moved before the next winter. I plan to celebrate a few holidays with my son once again.
Stephen Paul Elders, age 8 months

Life goes on. For Steve, and for Tsunami, here's the Beatles:

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  1. Steve is a little doll in this picture. Happy birthday to your son, and a hug to you on the loss of your dog. Hope your plans all fall into place and you are in CA soon.