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Tsunami and Me

Tsunami and Me
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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fickle Friday and a Full Moon

View From Edge of My Front Yard This Morning

Yesterday's events were such a mixed bag that it wasn't until this morning, when I took Tsunami for a 7 a.m. stroll in front of my house, that I realized why. The remnants of last night's Hunter's Moon hovered in front of me...and for a befuddled moment I wondered why the sun was rising in the west. Excuse my lapse...I hadn't yet had time for a cup of tea or coffee, because Nami was so demanding. As she has been, alas, for the past week, plagued by incontinence and diarrhea and general malaise, poor old thing. I think she's on the mend least she's eating a little better.

I'm another case. I'm eating all right, and am still potty trained. Nonetheless, yesterday turned out to be one of those "if it can go wrong, it will" Murphy's Law kind of day. Why should I have expected it to be different...after all, a full moon is when you can expect the unexpected up to and including bad luck, bizarre behavior and even baying werewolves, as my first husband, a policeman, used to claim. Fortunately no oddly-furred critters prowled around my yard, other than a stray doe or two. No, the gremlins were inside the house.

Nami's accidents weren't the only thing I had to contend with yesterday morning. My Internet had crashed. I called my satellite service, and scraped and bruised myself crawling under the computer desk and fishing for all the wires they insisted I unhook. After waiting an obligatory two minutes, I scraped and bruised my arms and legs some more, plugging everything back together. Still it didn't work too well, and my Internet is still flickering. But at least it's working some of the time, rather than not at all.

It worked well enough for me to get an email with a permission request from one of the anthology series I contribute to. The request, though, was for a story that's been languishing in their database for four years, not for one of the newer ones I'd written for this particular volume. And my story has already seen print in a lesser venue, which might zilch the deal. Just my luck on fickle Friday.

Then last night, arguably the best pitcher in organized baseball, and strong contender for another Cy Young award, Clayton Kershaw, suffered the worst defeat in his career in that crucial National League playoff game at Busch Stadium...and my comeback Dodgers had to hang up their cleats for the season. The St. Louis Cardinals will be heading for the World Series. It could be worse. At least it's not the Giants,

Yes, it had to be the full moon. But to give Friday its due credit, a few good things emerged. I ran into the realtor I'd been hoping would try to sell my house for me next summer, and she agreed to take the listing. And my friend, Jane, had a few guests over to her hilltop home to admire her autumn decorations and have a drink or two. She surprised me with two sparkly blouses in my size that she'd plucked from a "free" bin at one of the yard sales she frequents.

I closed out the evening with an episode from the Doc Martin series I've been watching on Netflix. I don't know if there was a full moon in Port Wenn, but pitiable Doctor Ellingham suffered through a series of catastrophes that made my day seem tame and sane.

It's all good here today as the moon wanes. Nami's gone outside to do her business. I've been savoring homemade chicken soup. Best of all, I'm still firmly planted on Terra Firma...which is more than I can say for the characters played by George Clooney and Sandra Bullock in Gravity. I'll see that movie tomorrow. I've been warned that movie will put it all into perspective!


  1. Yep. That emotional moon certainly pulls the rugs out from under us. Poor Nami :( Poor Terri! Chicken soup will fix everything...and do report back on the movie. I'll probably not see it until it shows up on TV, but it looks so fascinating. I'm a huge Sandra Bullock fan...and George isn't bad either ;)

  2. My goodness, you had your share of problems. Let's hope everything is on the upswing now. Are you downsizing or moving out of town?