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Tsunami and Me

Tsunami and Me
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

This Earth is Our Earth...Write On!

On Earth Day I'm celebrating the fact that I've seen so much of it...from Mongolia to Samoa to Guyana to Haiti, and from Los Angeles to Little Rock to Las Vegas!

You've traveled our Earth, too. So you've got something to say and I want to hear it.

I'm co-creating Not Your Mother's Book On Travel, so I'm looking near and far for submissions. You don't have to have seen the pyramids along the Nile to write a story that I'm going to love. You can tell  me about your Greyhound trek from Spokane to Portland, or your week camping in a tent trailer at Glacier National Park. Of course, if you've played with penguins in Antarctica or tussled with polar bears in the Arctic Circle, I'd like to hear about that, as well. Your first or fifth trip to India? Your New Year's Eve in Times Square? You shivered through a Jack the Ripper stroll through Whitechapel? You took a cooking class in Bangkok? You wandered through wineries in France? You know who you are, you guys. Why are you holding back?

Tell me, tell me, tell me!

Nearly everyone loves to travel, and this book will take the reader around the world and back again. Dahlynn McKowen of Publishing Syndicate and I are looking for stories about every mode of travel, from car to train, to boat to plane, to motorcycle to motor home, and about both domestic and international destinations.

Tentative Chapter Titles:

  • Culture Shocks: Matters of Perspective
  • Close Encounters: Real and Surreal
  • Wanderlust: Romance on The Roam
  • Fauna, Flora and Flotsam: Wonders of the World
  • China or Cheyenne: Deciding Why to Go Where
  • Montezuma's Revenge: Shoulda Kept My Mouth Shut in the Shower
  • Cruising, Bruising and Boozing: Afloat and Ports of Call
  • Sights, Sounds, Sensations: Making Sense of the Senses
  • Jet Sets and Jet Lags: Getting There and Back
  • Travel to Make a Difference: Itchy Feet Shod in Goody Two Shoes
  • Can't Get There From Here: Lost and Found
  • Right in Our Own Backyard: More Near than Far
Writer's Guidelines and submission information can be found here:

Nope, non, nyet...I'm not resting easy until I've read your tale!

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