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Tsunami and Me

Tsunami and Me
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Itchy Twitchy Feet

For the past few days I've been reviewing submissions for the new anthology series, Not Your Mother's Book. Though I'll also be a co-creator for "Sharing Secrets" and "My First Time," I began with the stories in the database for "On Travel." Why? Because as spring nears I get itchy twitchy feet. Those faraway places with strange sounding names begin to beckon once again.

I remember again how my life became enriched when I ran away from home at the age of 50 to join the Peace Corps. And how I got to recount some of those adventures in 2003 at UCLA's School of Public Policy and Social Affairs.

It's not as if I've been cocooning. I've recently returned from a dream trip to Philadelphia for the Dickens Bicentennial celebrations, after all. But it's the same old siren song of the overseas venues that I hear every spring that have started up once again. I'm going to England in June for a peek at the Isle of Wight...yes, the one from the Lennon-McCartney hit, "When I'm 64," and then on to London for a Road Scholar tribute to The Inimitable Charles Dickens, "The Best of Times." England's always my favorite country to visit...that will never change.

But as I'm reading the "On Travel" submissions, I'm remembering more exotic experiences..hearing the wolves howl in Mongolia with Peace Corps Volunteers, firewalking in Bulgaria with a San Diego folk dance troup, thrilling to a spontaneous four-part-harmony a capella tribute to suicide victims and their families from Samoan chieftains and missionaries in Apia.

I've never seen the pyramids along the Nile nor the Greek I'm visiting them vicariously through reviewing these stories, and am grateful I've been selected to be a co-creator for "On Travel."

Please consider sending your traveler's tales to Publishing Syndicate soon!

Here's the link to the guidelines....remember, we're looking for stories about both domestic and overseas travel, and the stories can be previously published if you retain the copyright:

Here's some more information about possible chapter headings:

Send in your stories, and keep my feet itching and twitching!

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