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Tsunami and Me

Tsunami and Me
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Enough Frivolity & Merriment...Back to Basics

It's not that I've not left London. Here's visual proof: Heather, my English pal, and me sharing a farewell feast of chili at The Marquis pub, not far from Victoria Station. After lunch she headed back to Weston-super-Mare and I returned to Colville, WA. But London has not yet left me, particularly Charles Dickens' version of it. My Victorian summer continues, even though the maple leaves have turned red. I'm still watching Masterpiece Theater's production of Our Mutual Friend, and Netflix will be sending Little Dorrit once I'm finished with this series.

I've strayed from writing these past few days...went to the newly opened A Club in Spokane to hear Jason Webley, with his music that tears itself apart, and to the local Alpine Theater to see Javier Bardem steal Eat Pray Love from Julia Roberts. Sunday night, while fires roared in the nearby Shiloh hills, I savored a platter of shrimp and sausage at my first ever Shrimp Boil. I've even partially cleared out a mountain of e-mail that had accumulated while I was in England.

Now, though, if I can shoo away the cats and quiet the dogs, it's time to chain myself to the laptop and commit to writing these stories:
  • Fifth anniversary trip to Canada
  • Going back to school at age 73
  • Forgiving Charles Dickens
  • Botanical gardens, Seychelles, Mauritius and Cambridge
  • Meanness...and I have a title for this one, "Why Did Cynthia Slap Me?"
  • Times of misfortune
  • Museum of Childhood
My goal: to have all of these tales written before I leave for Southern CA on October 20.

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