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Tsunami and Me

Tsunami and Me
too big to escape now....

Friday, April 23, 2010

High Hopes

There's a few stories simmering, but just not ready to cook yet. I've got tomorrow to get at least one actually on paper, and it's gotta be Winging It.

1. Ken and chicken wings.
2. Kendra's christening and grandmahood.
3. A tale of forgiveness...I know this one will reveal itself soon.

Meanwhile, this week I revised some orphans and sent them out to charm a publisher into adoption. I've renewed hopes for The Crave Slave, Ugali by Golly, An Astonishment of Unicorns, Suds 'n Solace, Right on Time, Choosing Shoes Blues, The Double Sawbuck and At Home in My Heart.

And High Apple Pie in the Sky Hopes...

Yesterday I chatted with an entrepreneur who is a sponsor of an organization that encourages youth to realize their potential. He's looking for a writer/editor to help with a proposed book. I think we have similar views on youth development, and am hoping for a second chat next week with him or one of his partners. It's about mindsets...and I bet I could write that book, if I set my mind to it!

I'm also looking forward to writing poetry again, and have signed up for a workshop in Colville with Susan Woolridge, author of Foolsgold and Bathing with Ants. Hey...ants! They can move a rubber tree plant!

Oops, there goes another problem, kerplop.

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  1. Funny. My sister and I were just yesterday singing the 'rubber tree plant' song in the kitchen while preparing lunch.